Attend Anywhere -Video Consultation- Only by invitation from GP

What is Attend Anywhere?

Attend Anywhere is a video consulting service that enables people to have GP appointments from home or wherever is convenient. All you need is a device for making video calls like a smartphone and an internet connection. Attend Anywhere is a secure form of video consulting approved for use by the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland.

What are the benefits of Attend Anywhere?

  • Reduced travel to appointments: time, cost, convenience
  • Reduced time away from work, school or home
  • Easier to attend if you usually need someone to take you to appointments
  • Enables you to have someone with you for support at your appointment (either with you or joining the consultation by video from another location, even from abroad)
  • Better for the environment
  • Reduces spread of infectious diseases

How does Attend Anywhere work?

Your GP will give you a website address for its video clinic. Most services will give you an appointment date and time when you should start your video call. You do not need to download an App or create an account.

Attend Anywhere video consulting is not suitable for all consultations, for example,  if you need a physical examination or a procedure. Your health or social care provider can advise you on what is appropriate for you.