Rights & Responsibilities

Our Responsibilities to You

We are committed to giving the best possible service. We will ensure the following:

  • People involved in your care will give you their names and ensure that you know how to contact them.
  • You will have access to a doctor rapidly in case of emergency; within half a working day in cases of urgency; and otherwise within 3 working days. We will arrange a home visit as appropriate for those who are too ill to come to the surgery.
  • We will endeavour to answer the phone promptly and ensure there are sufficient staff to do this.
  • We will advise you when and how to obtain results of any tests you may have to undergo.
  • You will be treated with courtesy and respect.

Your Responsibilities to Us

Help us to help you. To do so remember to:

  • Let us know if you change your name, address or telephone number
  • Do all you can to keep your appointment. If you no longer require it please cancel it as other patients may require it. KEEP IT OR CANCEL IT!
  • Please ask for home visits only when you are too ill to attend the surgery.
  • Please keep your phone call brief and avoid phoning during the peak morning time (08:30 – 10:00) for non-urgent matters.
  • Test results take time to reach us so please do not ring before you have been asked to. Please telephone after 14:00.
  • We ask that you treat the doctors and staff with respect and courtesy.